"To succeed you need to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality" 

Anita Roddick  



January 2016

27 Launching my sport Mentoring and consulting page today. I already have a couple of athletes under my mentoring. see how you can get involved. 

24 After CHALLENGING weather and some stiff competition i am happy to say I was able to take home 8th place in the mammoth world cup today. so thankful for all the support of my family and sponsors!  

19 Arrived in mammoth mountain for the second world cup of the season and ran into a snow storm. Practice was cancelled but tomorrow looks awesome! 

12 IT felt good to get another year with the riders on board grass roots programs. the future of women's snowboarding looks great. Thanks so much for riding with me ladies! 


08 arrived in calgary for the first training camp of the year. I can't believe how amazing the pipe is. Thank you winsport for providing this OPPORTUNITY in canada. 

06 enjoying my last days in New zealand before heading to the northern hemisphere for the first world cups of the year! 

03 I just got word that I will be arriving in calgary for a training camp with some donek TRANSITION boards for demo. let me know if you are interested in riding these park and pipe specific boards

01 Happy New Year everyone! Excited for a great year of riding 

Thank you anakie outerwear for the 2015/2016 hook up. always stoked for new threads 




2015 Season highlights