"To succeed you need to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality" 

Anita Roddick  

MAY 2015

26 - Last night's tuniTalk at the hard rock cafe was so much fun. learning about the nfl's marketing stratiges with derek gross was pretty cool. alexander michael gittens speaking about finding greatness really hit it out of the park. thanks to kurt vermont and his team for organizing this speical event. find out more at this link


20 - i have been invited back to the canadian national team for another year! CONGRATULATIONS to all the athletes who worked hard last season and were invited to the high performance program 

15 - A huge thank you to Frenchman's Bay Public School for inviting me to their Career Day as a keynote speaker and break out group session leader. I was asked some great questions and had a lot of fun meeting the students and other professionals. 

13 - On Tuesday May 26th I have been invited to speak about passion at Tuni Talks which will be at the Hard Rock Cafe. I will be joined by two other speakers Derek Gross who will be talking about "What you don't know about the NFL" and Alexander Michael Gittens who will be speaking about finding greatness. 

04 - Happening this week. Get your tickets here 

01 - I am back in Ontario for some public speaking engagements at schools and various events. The first event is the Nikkei Voice's Sake and Sushi Night An Evening with Katie Tsuyuki where I will be the keynote speaker. The event will benefit the Nikkei Voice which is a national Japanese-Canadian newspaper that has evolved into an important medium for Japanese Canadian expression and communication. 

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