Dew Tour - Toyota Championships

I have had my first day of practice here at the Dew in Utah at Snowbasin Resort.  The weather was partly cloudy and the pipe was full of energy.  It was great to see all the women riding the 615ft long pipe well, including Kelly Clark and Gretchen, who are almost always in top form.

Right now I am battling a cold that is probably due to overuse of my body and mind after the Canadian Open and hanging out with my friends who I haven't seen in years.  So it was a struggle at times to get into the "Zone", as my mental trainer Bob Palmer explains the mind state.  I have learned a lot from Sports Excel and continue to learn and try new things with every session.

Most important thing I have learned was to get excited for the contest.  I used to worry about what the contest would bring me, having anxiety about a million different things.  Now I see it as a chance to showcase all the things I have learned over all these years of riding half pipe...the most frustrating discipline of them all.

So I must say that I am excited for tomorrow's qualifiers.  I am going to put in my new trick and it's going to be great!! As my friend Joyce Castle said "you are going to fly today"!