Winter Dew Tour - Toyota Championships Part II

The contest is over for me but it was a good one.   We had an extended practice of 3 hours but I only practiced for 1 hour.  I was afraid of over training, which is a real problem in contests like these.  The sun was out and the pipe was soft, almost spring like conditions, for the beginning of February.  Everyone looked pretty on point today.

Here is the top of the pipe with coaches Roberto Marfia and Chris Clark, with riders Xuetong, Leslie Glenn and I.  Taken with my Sony NEX-5 with Fisheye conversion lens.

I was too, landing some great runs in practice, including putting down my cab 540 after my frontside 720, a breakthrough run.  I have not done this in my full run yet.  I even added a last trick of a switch backside 540. Roberto my coach was so pumped, I should have been too but I knew it was only practice.

When it came to my run I was in the "zone" with a little Beyonce remix on my Walkman.  First run went great with a little butt check on my last hit, but I was relieved to finally get that cab 540 down in a run in a contest.  FINALLY.  The run was good but scored a little low, to be expected as I was near the front of the pack in dropping order.

Second run was smooth, I changed it up with a hand plant and backside 360.  I bumped up my score by 12 points.  I was frustrated that I didn't make the cut for finals but I can't dwell on this.

With every contest, bad or good, I have to see what I can improve on and what the small steps were that goes towards the goal, the Olympics.  For this one it is that I did a trick I haven't put into contest run yet and I succeeded.  That cab 540 had been plaguing me for over a year now and now the fight is over.  I did it, I know I can do it, and now it's been done.  I also look at what I need to improve on and practice.  The next week is without contest and I will have a chance to improve on my run and take that to the World Cup in Quebec on the 24th.  

So, in the end I will celebrate my accomplishment and create a plan for the improvements needed.  This is not just for contest but also for life.