Cross Training

There are really two seasons to my life. In competition and out of competition. Usually summer is the time for building strength and adding variety to the training regiment. 

A great way to do this is cross training. Every summer I am fortunate to get out on plenty of boats and hit the wake surf. This is a great way to keep on your balance training while staying sideways, especially because your feet aren't attached to the board. Riding switch has been very valuable and transferable when I get back in the halfpipe. 

I also find it very valuable to break out the skateboard. Even if it's just rolling around on flat as flat ground, it's a an awesome tool. Rolling around my local skatepark is a great way to hit up some transition, kinda like you would do on a snowboard. I'm not amazing but I can feel the skills building at every ride. 

Lastly, I have been mountain biking a lot more. Not just on the road or mellow trails, but I have been hitting up some downhilling. In the past I have been against getting on a bike to go at high speeds while weaving through trees and over obsticles. But I have really been having fun going to Whistler Bike Park and Blue Mountain. The high pace decision making and manouvering is good for keep up those skills for snowboarding. 

I have really valued these three sports as cross trainers for my snowboarding. All will play a role in getting me to Pyeongchang Korea 2018.