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Quest for Korea // Winter Gala 


Thank you everyone who helped make my event a success. I will not see you next year at the event. That's it!! I am happy to go out with a an huge celebration of the people who have helped me all these years. I had the best entertainment and vendors in Toronto. It meant the world to me. 




Donations are direct and you can expect a personalised surprise from me after your donation has been received


Helping the Future 

Supporting the future of snowboarding is as important as the present. I will be making a donation  to two women who I believe will be the future of halfpipe in Canada. Donation size will be dependant on the success of this fundraiser

Becca Ballantyne 

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 When Becca Ballantyne was 10 years old, she watched Maelle Ricker win a gold medal in boardercross. She then turned to her mother and said "Mom, someday I'm going to do that. I'm going to win a medal for Canada in snowboarding!" Becca soon went to Halfpipe where she learned to "fly"!

In March 2017, Becca was chosen to represent Canada at the World Junior Championships in Switzerland, where she came in 8th. This fall Becca took a big step and applied to, and got accepted at, the National Sports School in Calgary, and joined the WinSport Halfpipe Team. 

Becca is still looking to go to the Olympics, hoping that 2022 will be her year to represent Canada.

Second recipient TBA 

Confirmed Entertainment

Aaron Paterson Professional Illusionist and Entertainer 

Aaron Paterson Professional Illusionist and Entertainer 

Ayame-Kai Japanese Dance Group

Ayame-Kai Japanese Dance Group

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